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Digging Up Danny

With Digging Up Danny, Ben Moeller-Gaa sets his sights on the politics of family life. Tackling decisions of life and death, the philosophical question of house versus home, and a debate about the merits of packing tape, Moeller-Gaa delights with a play that is intense, warm, and intelligent.


With Snip, Ben Moeller-Gaa delves into the murky world of human identity and gender studies. What makes a man a man? A woman a woman? And how do friends deal and interact with each other when confronted with someone who challenges their ideas on such issues? Snip is a comedy about friends, lovers and those in-between.

Real Love

Real Love, the new play by Ben Moeller-Gaa, follows the day in a life of a couple that is struggling to have a child. With the help of a sister, her new dentist boyfriend, and a mysterious and powerful object, they’re able to cut through the tensions, deceits, and struggles to get to the heart of the matter proving that sometimes what you want isn’t exactly the same as what you need.